Welcome Libslayer to the world of blogs

I have long intend to start a blog for various and sundry reasons bit foremost because I’m concerned with the situation in America. I’m not very educated and I am certainly not eloquent. I haven’t been trained in the art of making folks feel good by speaking grand and glorious phrases. What I do have is an aching heart and a sad soul as I look upon the United States that I swore to defend and protect. God has taken me from a life of sin and degradation, given me a beautiful family and an opportunity to serve in my local church. Who’d a thunk it huh.  I am currently forming a local teaparty chapter in Kleberg County and working with a friend (well he’s doing all the leg work) to place a class action law suit against CNN.
We have as a nation of conservatives become lazy and lackadaisical in our approach to politics. If We want to take this country back We must be proactive. When all is said and done and there is no more freedom to enjoy it WILL NOT be because I sat on my hands .


8 thoughts on “Welcome Libslayer to the world of blogs

  1. white531 says:

    Good for you, Libslayer. Sounds as though you have your life’s priorities in order. You have my admiration. Oh, and don’t worry about the grand and glorious phrases. An aching heart will give you the words you need. 🙂

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