Sunday Morning Christians

I hear everyday how much we want this country to change. I hear constant gripes about Obama and this liberal puke faced agenda. And while I agree with the disagreements I wonder just how serious folks are. Seems to me that most are proactive on Twitter and Facebook but when it comes down to the real deal they are hard to find. My friend Greg had just this problem when trying to formulate a local get together. So what is the fix fer this country? What are we doing wrong that we could correct?

Let me start by asking this simple question, are you a member of a local Bible believing body of believers? I ask this question because whether the liberals wanna believe it or not, God is the only fix for this moral decay. And let me tell you something else, God ain’t gone nowhere’s, it’s us who have moved.

OK so done rambling there, back on point. If you are a church member how involved are you? It seems to me that Christians rely on one hour of church a week to solidify their walk with God. You know the best way to get to know someone? It’s called communication. And communicating with our Lord and Saviour once a week ain’t gonna get us no where.

I guarantee if we aren’t proactive in our churches we surely won’t be proactive in our communities, at least not effectively. I ain’t bragging but I start every day by reading my Bible and praying. How else can we fight this spiritual battle that is waging around us without the proper protection (armor of God). We rely on flare prayers instead of constant lines of communication. Why wait till your in trouble to talk to your Heavenly Father?

Sunday morning church should be a culmination of a weeks long worth of worship. We go to church to glorify and give glory to God, not to get our emotions worked up and leave feeling good about ourselves. My pastor preaches on sin and makes you feel down right dirty if you ain’t right with God, and that is what church is all about.

So you wanna see great changes in our wonderful country? It starts first in our homes, and then it transfers to our churches, and from their it will spill out into our communities, cities, counties, states and country.



9 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Christians

  1. You hit the nail on the head. Change starts first with us as individuals, then moves outward to change our churches (to being what they are supposed to be) and then society. This is true revival – individuals seeing their need to get and be right with God, which will transform their church, then transform their communities. For some reason our culture thinks that change is from the top down. It isn’t. It is from the bottom up!

    • God’s will is always accomplished whether we’re the willing vessel or not. But I personally don’t wanna miss the blessing that comes from serving. Thanks worshipdancer

  2. yes, one hour a week would be a nice way to communicate with a barista. Not with the Almighty! Great thoughts here. There is a time to be doing busy work and there is a time to be walking in fellowship with the body of Christ. God truly is the only one now who can fix things at this wrecked junction. America, bless God and then maybe God will bless America once again.

    • Look at all the 2nd chances God gave his chosen people, I truly believe revival is still an option if folks would chosen repentance. And if America’s time is short, it won’t be cause I sat on my hands doing nothing. Thanks for the feedback sir @butcheringsaint

  3. Thanks for posting this Paul, it is something we all need to read and consider, and then put into practice. You really hit the nail on the head.

    I wrote and article some time back about America’s decline. In it, I stated that we in order to turn America around we need a revival in our churches, and suggested that we not pray for revival, externally unless we first pray for one internally. Let us ppray for revival in our own hearts and then let it spread to our churches and the out into our communities.

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