What’s in a name?

Once upon a time my father, by God’s design, and with the help of my mother gave me life. He also gave me something else. A name. And not just any name, but the name Karratti. Now in my younger stupid years I reckon I didn’t take that to seriously. I trampled on his name and made an embarrassment of it by acting in such a way as to bring dishonor to it. My father raised me to be a God fearing hard working active Christian and, well, I like Jonah joined the Navy (which I don’t regret) and ran from both a calling from God and the ever watchful eye of my father. 
Now I have a son and I fear sometimes that he might return me the favor but I have faith and trust in God’s promise that if me and my wife train him in the ways of the Lord, when he is old he will not depart from it.
But here’s something more important than a “family” name. As Christians we carry and represent the very name of God Almighty everywhere we go. How are we representing that name to those around us? Do we by our actions, behaviors and attitudes shine forth the glory of God?
If you’re a parent you know how it feels inside when your child dishonors you. You still love them and care about them but my gosh it hurts. Imagine jest fer a second how the Creator of the universe feels. Put yourself in His shoes. I don’t imagine we would have the patience for ourselves that He does.
We allow rampant sin into our homes via the wicked sex driven media. We don’t protest the murder of millions of innocent babies like we could. We allow corrupt education systems to brainwash our little ones into thinking a gay lifestyle is acceptable.  MY LORD FOLKS IT’S TIME WE WAKE UP AND STOP SHAMING GOD’S HOLY NAME.


8 thoughts on “What’s in a name?

  1. Great thoughts man! I shame my Father more often than I am comfortable admitting here. But, each day, I count my blessings that God has given me another chance to do it right, or at least, better. Every day I try. Every day I die to self, or try to. The path is narrow and strait is the way but few indeed who find it. Blessings, peace and cheers. thanks for the thoughts.

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