OK so me and some conservative friends were jawing on (as conservatives will) about the state of the U.S. and what got us to where we are today. As you can guess it got rather heated with idea after idea but the main gist of the conversation went something like this. And I’m gonna do this Foxworthy style if ya don’t mind. Cause you see what it boiled down to was bad parenting. Sooooo here we go guys.

#1 If you let that danged ol Television babysit your God given offspring….YOU MIGHT BE A BAD PARENT (now I ain’t sayin TV is bad, it’s just what’s on it that concerns me)

#2 If you let public education indoctrinate your children with absolutely no follow through at home….YOU MIGHT BE A BAD PARENT (and yes for your information I think Common Core and CSCOPE is of the Devil)

#3 If you live your entire life without accepting Jesus as your Saviour….YOU MIGHT BE A BAD PARENT (now don’t take that the wrong way please. I know folks who aren’t Christians that are a sight better at raising their little ones than some self proclaimed “church members”. And just cause you ain’t a Christian don’t mean you don’t love your children neither, it’s just not the love of God that’s shining through to them . I just know from personal experience that the family that prays together absolutely stays together.

#4 If you get off work and park your tired bones in front of the TV or social networking sites instead of spending time with your children….YOU MIGHT BE A BAD PARENT (now this one hits close to home fer me cause I work all day as a traveling mechanic in the oilfields of South Texas, and let me tell you I’m tired to the bones when I get home. But that is no excuse fer ignoring my son. Thank God I have a Godly wife who helps encourage me and presents great afterwork ideas fer spending QT with my boy)

#5 If you gripe and moan about the state of the States yet you refuse to get off your rear and be proactive in your community….YOU MIGHT BE A BAD PARENT (now you might think just cause you do everything your supposed to that it’ll be ok, well you’re dead wrong. Our country is being demolished by Muslim lovin God hatin Constitution burning libiots and if we don’t do something about that our children won’t have a free country to live in fairly soon……and that’s why I say not being proactive makes US bad parents.
#6 If you allow your child/daughter to walk out of the house dressed in such a way that she catches the eye of a grown man…..YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PARENT…I’m not even gonna hammer on this one cause I’m to upset. We send our precious babies into the world dressed like two-bit hussies then we wonder why they act the same.

Now there is a whole lot more that I could add to this list but I think you get my point. This country is going to hell in a handbasket cause we parents ain’t doin what we’re supposed to at home…..and if you ever wanna join some of our conversations just come to conservativestogether.com and we’ll love to listen to ya…..





  1. amen to that. the social networking thing applies to me as well! we homeschool so the education thing is not a concern. We, also only have a television in our bedroom. Select occasions we let the children watch television. Movies, more like. I dig your writing. America, bless God and God will probably come back to blessing America! Back to the constitution, back to greatness and back to all that we were granted through blood sweat and bravery!

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