Obama isn’t the idiot we wish he was.

Sometimes I look at what Obama is doing, and I realize he’s not the idiot we wish he was. No, he’s far from being an Idiot. Actually, he knows exactly what he’s doing. He is fundamentally transforming America. He really is. We talk about it. He’s doing it.We don’t have the leadership in Washington to stop him from doing what he is doing, and he full well knows it. We have the Tea Party, but it is fragmented into so many different groups across this great nation, that it winds up being ineffective. We have the Conservative blogs on the Internet, like this one. We have Rush, and Hannity and the other talk radio programs. That’s pretty much how we communicate with each other, we conservatives. In the end, it may not be enough.Obama has the media. They are the ones who communicate to America, all the good things he is doing. Oddly enough, they never cover the bad stuff. They used to call Reagan, “The Teflon President.” Because none of their criticism would stick to him. The people simply loved him too much, to listen to the media’s false criticism of the man.Obama is a different spectacle. With Obama, they don’t criticize him to begin with. They endorse and fully support any lie he comes up with. He doesn’t need Teflon.Reagan, the Teflon President, because people loved him. Obama, the President who can get away with anything and doesn’t need Teflon, because the Media protects him from anything he does, any brainless comment he makes, and as an added benefit, the majority of Americans at this point, are just dumb dead stupid.What’s not to like. At this point, Obama can do anything he darn well pleases. And don’t you think he knows it.

Submitted by @white531 of conservativestogether.com


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