It’s a beautiful Sunday morning down here in south Texas,  I reckon it’ll probably get about 105 today with a fine heat index of, oh let’s say, 115 or so. And I don’t normally go social media on the weekend much less on a  morn getting  ready fer worship service. However, I feel like I got something fairly important to say.
Seems we have a problem these days holding to our principles. We duck and weave through life as confused as a termite in a yo-yo. Jesus commands us in Matthew to “let our yeas be yeas, and our nays be nays” and if you don’t have an inkling to what that means let me help you out. It means if you say yes stick to your guns no matter what and the same goes fer your no speech. Used to be you could shake a man’s hand and that was solid but these days folks won’t even honor a binding contract. WHAT’S HAPPENED IS WE HAVE SACRIFICE OUR INTEGRITY UPON THE ALTAR OF COMPROMISE. And just what is compromise you ask? Let me give you the southern definition.  Compromise is when you settle fer less than what you believe in. How many times do we bend our principles to conform to those around us? We have a problem with wanting to please all but the right person. And let me tell you something else. IF JESUS AIN’T LORD OF ALL, HE AIN’T LORD AT ALL.
So on this Sunday when we meet and worship at our local churches let’s remember, A SACRIFICIAL SPIRIT WON’T SIT AROUND WAITING ON DOLLAR DAY IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. let’s get busy about our Father’s business and stop all this sticking compromising.  God bless you all, from Deep In the Heat of Texas


3 thoughts on “Compromise

  1. Amen! Even though I’m reading this early the next Saturday mornin’ in the wee hours, it’s a great message for any time. I never liked compromise. I’d rather see a person stick to their guns even if I don’t agree with them, I at least can trust that they are willing to stand on principle.
    I’ve been in arguments about stuff since I was a kid and had every explanation why I ought to change my mind on everything from abortion to Jesus. I’m one who only sees black and white. If that’s wrong, I’m wrong, but that’s between me and the Lord.
    Thank you Lib-Slayer.

  2. 🙂 Early Sunday mornin’ now. I read all your posts, but don’t always comment… gets kind of boring sometimes to always say “I agree” 😀
    That said, before I went to bed last night, read my chapter- Daniel was last night, Shadrach Meshach and Abednego- which is the ultimate no compromise situation. I love those 3 boys! 🙂 Night Lib-Slayer!

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