Fish tanks to politics…is this possible?

Now I know what y’all are thinking, what in the heck do fish tanks have to do with politics? Well if you’ll give me just a gosh darned minute I reckon I’ll get to the point. You see I’m a youth pastor and also a father of a ten year old so I gotta be quick on my feet and be able to make an object lesson out of just about anything.

To begin with I have a confession to make. I have an addiction to something and there is no cure fer it. You see I love fish tanks, matter of fact I have one in every room in my house….and I’m not talking about those little beta bowls you buy at WalMart. The smallest is a 30 gallon tank which houses a pair of green terror cichlids and at this point the largest is a 55 gallon African cichlid tank. I’ve had tanks as long as I’ve been married and gotten a lot of tips from my brother who is also a fish freak. If done properly you can keep a tank with very little maintenance. I keep  all tanks out of direct sunlight and only run the lights a couple of hours a day. I also don’t overpopulate my tanks (a common mistake cus folks don’t take into account fish growth when they’re adding). You should never have more than an inch of fish per gallon of water. And last but most important is the filtration system. I prefer the Fluval brand (hey Fluval can I get paid fer advertising fer ya?). Now because I follow a few simple guidelines I do very little by way of maintenance.

But tonight I did the dreaded bi-annual cleansing. Cause you see, no matter how good the filtration every so often ya gotta get rid of the poop. And the whole time I was cleaning filter pads, bio-media and carbon packs I was thinking about Washington and these rotten RINO’s.

Here’s my object lesson folks…..hold onto your stinkin’ hats cause this one is really deep and intellectual. EVERY SO OFTEN YA JUST GOTTA CHANGE THE WATER AND CLEAN OUT THE POOP. There you go, wasn’t that grand and illustrious??? Changing the water is never a good alternative because it messes up the ecosystem in the tank not to mention the water chemistry. (in reality you should never change more than a quarter of the water in your tank at a time) but DC isn’t a fish tank and politicians aren’t fish. It may shock the system but what we need is a total cleansing from top to bottom in our political circles. The GOP panders to every whim of the left and very few actually stand up fer the Constitution and even fewer understand the Bill Of RIght’s.

So folks what I’m gettin at is that 2014 is right around the corner and we need to properly vet all candidates and get the right folks in office to represent We The People. So wake the heck up and CLEAN THE STINKIN’ FISH TANK FOLKS.


4 thoughts on “Fish tanks to politics…is this possible?

  1. I used to keep a 72 gallon African cichlid tank with 10 cichlids in it. the tank had 2 Aqua-Clear 500 filters, each with 2 large filter spunges. so I can well relate to thoughts of our current government when cleaning those spunges. I see the connection as a natural one and I think your object lesson is quite apt. Thanks for sharing! And God bless!

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