“Random” and “Bored”: New code words for black on white hate crimes

The Matt Walsh Blog

This is what happens.

This is not an aberration.

Two innocent white men viciously murdered by young black males in the span of less than a week.

It’s outrageous, horrifying, tragic, damned infuriating, but it isn’t shocking. It should be shocking, but it isn’t.

I’ll be honest, I’m pissed off. I’m disgusted. I’m sickened to my core. I have no interest in being nice or politically correct about this. If you want that, go somewhere else. I’m too tired for that. I’m tired of the cowards. I’m tired of the liars. I’m tired of the blood thirsty race pimps who do everything in their power to stir up hatred and animosity, and then fade into the night when the poison they spread claims another life. I’m tired of the violence and the chaos, and I’m even more tired of the people who close their eyes and pretend it isn’t happening…

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