The Queen James Bible?

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Reds Revelations

There are many interpretations of the Bible. It has been printed millions upon millions of times in thousands of versions and hundreds of languages. Now, the heretics have gone a step further. As if omitting, altering, and adding to the Bible wasn’t enough, as if removing the divinity of Christ in the “New International Version” wasn’t enough, we now have a “Gay Bible”.

Many have already heard of this, but many have not. This Gay Bible is called the ‘Queen James Bible’. Everyone bashes the King James Version, yet even the homosexuals attempt to gain by using the King James name, in this case Queen James.

There is only ONE Word of God. ONLY the Authorized King James Version is to be trusted. All other versions are far less accurate. Links are below:

The editors of the QJV admit to altering and/or omitting text
“We edited the Bible to…

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