Making deals with our Maker

I was pondering a thought then I read a blog by somebodylovesme which brought to mind a situation I once found myself in. Ya see, I try to tell everyone around me about the work which Jesus accomplished on the cross. I don’t say that fer a pat on the back just as a matter of fact. This don’t mean I’m some sort of holy man cause God knows I sure ain’t. What it means is that I love folks and want them to experience the peace which I’ve found in trusting God.
That being said I’m wondering how many of us “make deals” with God. Perhaps it’s the ol, “oh God if you get me out of this I’ll never cuss again” or maybe “God if you’ll get that person who done me wrong I’ll serve ya better”. That sound familiar to you? Well it should cause we’ve all done it a time or two. I can imagine what the Creator of the Universe thinks when His creation tries to bargain with Him. It’s gotta give Him a chuckle.
OK, so here I was at a truck stop, parked and eatin my McDonald’s dollar burger (OK OK maybe it was more than one). I pulled out my pocket New Testament and decided to spend some time with the Lord instead of foolin around on my phone. And man, I got the weird sensation that someone was watchin me. I looked up and noticed a grizzled ol trucker dude lookin at me with a strange expression. And here goes my “deal making” with God. “Dear Lord”, I says, “if it’s your will that I talk to that man send him on over here and I’ll know this is what you want me to do”.
Lookin back I laugh at my gall, who do I think I am, Gideon? Should I lay a fleece on the ground as well? Man I’m slow sometimes. Ya see, I shouldn’t need a sign from God to witness to folks, matter of fact we’re commanded to evangelize everywhere we go.
Well needless to say I looked up from my “prayer”, or better called, excuse, and the trucker was no where in sight. He’d made a beeline fer his cab and was ready to get some zzzzzz’s. Oh thank God, I was off the hook. I got back in my truck and let me tell you what. I fell under conviction cause I knowed I shoulda talked to that man. I couldn’t even start my truck I was shakin so badly. I got back down and walked over to the truckers cab. If you know anything about truckers then you know knocking on their cab is most likely a bad idea. Yup, you guessed it, that’s what I did. Ya see, when God tells ya to something He’ll give you the courage to follow through. Anyhow, I climbed up on the running boards and knocked on his window. He very cautiously opened up and I was able to give him my New Testament and share God’s love and the plan of Salvation with him. I wish I could say I left that man’s truck and that he accepted the free gift of salvation, but alas I can’t say that. I’ve got a feelin though that when I’m called to Heaven I’ll meet him again one day. Ya see sometimes God just wants us to plant the seed.
The point of this blog though isn’t to brag on anything I’ve done but to get across the point that we are in no ways able to bargain with God. He really don’t need us to accomplish His holy will, but He chooses to use us if we are willing. The prophet Isaiah says “here am I send me” all we need is a willing heart and good communication with our Father in Heaven.


12 thoughts on “Making deals with our Maker

    • you are not alone. I’m glad that my story of how God could use an ol addict like me could help you in some small way. I was actually still editing and noticed you had already liked the post LOL. I’ve made a few grammatical changes.

  1. Excellent entry brother… a resounding AMEN from this “been there, done that” sister!

    p/s: typo alert! heehee… you put “Creature” of the Universe, instead of Creator 😀

    • Dang I even edited twice and still missed that one. LOL thanks. And more thanks fer reading this blog. I think it’s important to share experiences like this to encourage fellow Christians to spread the Word

      • heehee… I do the same thing, double check my edits and then BOOM the edit machine ‘fixes’ something for me that was not what I intended! 🙂

        I enjoy your blog LS, love the way you come across and the message that is given… keep on keeping on brother!

  2. “Oh thank God, I was off the hook….”
    If I had a nickle for every time I had THAT thought, …

    One of your best, Slayer: brutally honest, and sincerely communicated.
    Good stuff.

    Thanks for the reminder. Lord knows I need it…


    • The Lord has completely steered me away from politics on here lately. I believe the reason fer that is that this country will never be right until our heart are right. And besides there are great bloggers such as yourself who cover the political side honestly and probably better than I ever could . I truly thank you fer your comments and will continue to write as the Lord leads me. 🙂 And BTW, I’ve discovered that we’re never “off the hook” LOL

      • I like the fact you’ve been steered away. In this corrupt world, we need more people to take a stand for our Creator <—- hehe! Waiting on worldly government to do the right thing, is like spitting in the wind. Our only hope is the government our creator sets up. 🙂

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