Who said you can’t be a Bible-believing Christian and conservative at the same time?

Political Fireball

A conservative friend sent me this response to the Left’s claim that Christians can’t be conservative. It is lengthy, even after I edited it for my blog. The original can be read here. Many thanks to the Armenian Christian who gave me permission to post this on my blog!

I may not agree with and do not endorse every viewpoint below.

* * *

Let’s start with basic facts about Democrats/Liberals/progressives in the US (safe also to say in most parts of the world):

Progress for them means abandoning traditions. That means pretty much everything you grew up being told or taught is either wrong, outdated and has to be replaced.

That includes RELIGION, FAITH, MARRIAGE, and recently the Constitution of the US. Basic freedoms all came under attacks, with progressives/Liberals arguing against them as causing oppression/damage to some people, mostly perceived, nothing solid, but that is not…

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