Political correct hypocrisy in the Body of Christ

OK I know this dog has been hunted a bazillion times but I reckon it’s my turn. I am sick to death of Christians being politically correct


We have allowed society to dictate our religious views to the point where we’re scared to place a big fat label on sin. We proudly display and wear the badge of Christian on our sleeves yet I don’t think we honestly know what that word even means anymore. Well I’m a youth minister so I’m gonna explain it to ya like I’d tell a youngster cause obviously we ain’t getting it. To be a Christian means to be Christlike. And what was Jesus’ response to sin and hypocrisy?  Or I pose a better question, what was Jesus’ response to sin in the local church? Did He hemhaw around the subject and send his followers home feeling good about themselves?  NO HE DID NOT!!!
Let’s look into the book of Matthew chapter 23 fer just a moment and see how he responded to the “religious” leaders of His time.
In verse 3 Jesus accuses the scribes and Pharisees (I’ll call them S&P from hereon) of maintaining a profession w/out a practice. (“For they say and do not”) 
In verse 4 Jesus tells the folks that the S&P were unwilling to share the burden. (“they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be born,….. they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers”) How many of these TV preachers demand we do something whilst their rear ends remain firmly planted in their $2,000 dollar lazy boy?
In verse 5 Jesus challenges the S&P of having the wrong motivation fer religious service (“all their works they do to be seen of men”) So many preachers are in the business of numbers instead of service to their flocks? Their claim to fame is that they seat 10,000 folks on any given Sunday.
In verses 6-12 Jesus slammed the S&P fer only wanting recognition and prominence (“love the uppermost rooms at feasts….. “) The Bible tells us as Christians to “beware when all men speak well of you” If the world thinks you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and peanut butter then there’s a chance you’re doing something wrong.
In verses 13-15 Jesus truthfully accuses the S&P of being complete and total hypocrites (“Woe unto you, S&P, hypocrites” three times the same accusation ) ya see, the S&P were deliberately pretending to love God. I can’t imagine what the Heavenly reward is fer talkin-the-talk, but I don’t reckon it’s a shiny crown.

Jesus held nothing back as he vocally criticized the S&P in public before the multitude as well as His disciples. And yet he did this out of a spirit of love. You see Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost, and that included the very confused and legalistic leaders of His time. And as  he described the  S&P I get a feeling that most of these accusations fit most “ministers” of God’s word today. Our “Christian” leadership is in it fer glory and self adulation. Church had become nothing more than a money making scheme led by hypocrites and blind guides and true Christians stand aside, we say and do nothing like the proverbial ostrich with our heads buried in the sand.



10 thoughts on “Political correct hypocrisy in the Body of Christ

  1. Oh EXCELLENT! Well said Lib-Slayer! Not only the pastors, but the flock as well. So many believe Christians ought to be loving and while yes that’s true, there’s more to it than that. We can’t LOVE people into the Kingdom without sharing the Gospel with them. How many Christians actually witness anymore?
    We are not going to church to hear an ear tickling message on living our best lives now, or naming it and claiming it~ We are to go and learn what our Father has to reveal to us, to worship HIM (not socialize and network) as a church family.
    Jesus also told us to expect if the world hated Him, the world would also hate those who serve Him. If you’re not being persecuted even on a small scale, you’re not ‘doing it right’. There is no way to blend political correctness and Biblical Correctness.
    Sorry, sermon over 😉
    Thank you- that was great!!

    • Yowza…. preach it sista. 😀 the Bible says some are saved by love and some of fear. I know this is true because I was saved out of fear. Yes I knew God loved me and gave His only Son, but I accepted tbe gift of salvation because I understood also that God was holy and just. You’re correct Duckie when you say we can’t love everyone into Heaven.

    • Thanks Sandra, I pulled bits and pieces out of last nights sermon by my pastor to write this. It really spoke to my heart and I wanted to share it. Thanks fer reading, I’m glad it helped in some small way.

  2. Love, TRUE (agape) love, does not allow a situation to stay in a stagnant position, it does not allow a person to stay in a unhealthy position. I always thought about it like this: as a parent, we love our children so very much, so much so, that sometimes we do not like to discipline them. However, if our little 2 year old was clumsily walking towards the bonfire in the backyard, we our love sit still and be quiet as we watch certain disaster unfold? Or would our love demand that we act and reach out to help to save our child from the danger? AMEN. Beautifully written piece LS… one written in love! 😀 p/s: LOVE is a VERB! p.p/s: I stand in agreement with Duckie too!

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