Are smart phones making us stupid?


Alright, so I’m back to my normal self which means what I’m about to write has no research nor data to support it. It’s simply the observations of a simple yet halfway edumacated guy. And yes If you’re wondering, halfway educated is a dangerous place to be. 
So here I am with a buddy of mine in Lowe’s (I won’t shop in homedepot cause they pour to much funding into the gay community) and we was just there observing a family in the check out line. Mom’s and pops were both with their faces glued to their iPhone and the two little ones (ages 7-10) were walking around watching videos on their iPad. (FYI, I hate apple products) Really?? Our children can’t even make it through an hour of shopping without being entertained?  Or perhaps the parents find that keeping the kids glued to a screen provides adequate babysittin’ qualities and keeps the children quiet. I dunno, but we were thoroughly disgusted at the whole thing. Aaaand of course the situation provided us a great conversation (which we do quite often in public to the utter humiliation of our respective wives).
One thing we noticed is that the current generation has zero peripheral vision, seriously, you can walk up next to a kid and half the time they won’t even see ya coming. You don’t believe me, try it fer yourself. NOW HERE COMES MY HALF EDUCATED CONCLUSION. kids these days are so used to looking at a screen in front of them that their brain hasn’t developed the skills needed to be aware of surroundings.

Now my adult friends don’t think you’re off the hook, we’re getting dumber by the minute. So, here I am at a church get-together playing 42 with a few friends and I realized every time someone had a question about something we found ourselves Binging the answer. It seemed silly at the time but the more I thought about it the more serious it became. We have so much information at the tips of our fingers that’ve forgotten how to think fer ourselves. Y’all can crunch the numbers (I thought it hypocritical to Bing IQ averages after writing about how stoopid we’re becoming) and I’ll bet the national IQ has dropped considerably over the last ten years.

I’ve noticed in my own life that I deal with anxiety from an overabundance of information constantly bombarding my brain. I know God made us unique and extremely intelligent but I’m wondering if our brains are capable of processing the flood of data that we present ourselves?



9 thoughts on “Are smart phones making us stupid?

  1. I’m not sure they are making us stupid, but I do think they have made us dependent. Rather, I should say we have allowed them to make us dependent. The technology is the mark of progress, but sometimes it comes at the expense of our personal ideals.

  2. I agree with Sandra! And Teach! Dependently lazy!

    All I could think of though, was about that family. I imagine they talked and played all the way back to their SUV or mini Van, got in started up, and put the vehicle DVD player on for the 20 minute ride home.

    I seriously thought we’ve had it when they started putting TV’s in vehicles.
    As for gadgets, I have one computer, desk top which I have to share with my boys lol, and one phone, that’s attached to the wall.

    Sometimes I’d like a phone I can walk around outside talking on, and for emergencies out it’s handy to have one, but good grief everyone I see when I’m out has a phone of some sort attached to their ears.

  3. ha ha! You’re a funny guy. It reminds me of something a coon hunter told me once. Racoons love shiny objects. He told me you could catch a coon by drilling a hole in the side of a tree. After, you hammer 3 nails at a angle in the hole. Then you place a shiny object in the hole. When a coon sees the object, he inserts his little hand, grabs the shiny thing and makes a fist. Coons have been known to chew their entire hands off before letting go of the object. Sick, I know. How ever, it reminds me of people who can’t put their phones down, for even a moment. It drives me crazy. Our reliance on technology is almost like a disease. We need a sign on the off buttons. Shut me off! Step away from the computer, take a breath and go out side! ha ha

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