Al’s adulations…..Sunday Night Football


Most of y’all who know me know that I boycott main stream TV. me and my wife made a decision about 6 years ago that we wouldn’t have those lying, sex crazed, God haters being promoted in our house. Now this doesn’t mean we live with our heads buried in the sand, I just refuse to pay to have someone come into my house and lie to me. Seriously folks, think about it. If someone came into your house and began filling your children’s head with sexual perversions you would throw them out on their rear ends (at least I hope you would), why in God’s name would you pay fer the same thing to be carried into your home over the satellite?

But anyhow, that’s actually not what I intended to write about this morn so I will get off that soap box and proceed to jump directly onto another one.


Last night I decided to watch Sunday night football. I haven’t really watched a game since the Super Bowl Party and indeed I enjoy watching overpaid crybabies beat the poo out of each other every now and again. And even more than that I just love watching Eli Manning lose a game. So there I am enjoying a well played game and several words kept jumpin out of the speakers and into my ears. It took a while to set in but man once it did it absolutely blew my mind…’s a brief list of Al’s adulations……1. outstanding 2. wonderful 3. unbelievable 4. incredible 5. phenomenal 6. superb……need I continue?? What in the heck are these guys describing? A decorated war veteran? Or perhaps the accomplishments of a team of firefighters? How about a gifted brain surgeon saving a 9 y/o’s life? NOPE, AL WAS INTENT ON WASTING SUCH WORDS OF PRAISE AND GLORY ON MEN CRUSHING EACH OTHER FOR MONEY.

There is a man in my church (Johnny5Alive) who will smack you if he hears the word awesome proceed out of your mouth in description of anything besides God almighty. And after a while I began picking up on his not so subtle nuances. We use words that truly only describe the character of God to praise His creation. We have indeed begun worshipping the creature rather than the Creator these days and that makes me sad…….


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