Wisdom from a grasshopper

OK, so I’m leaving a customers yard this morning (I’m a field service tech in the oilfield) and I glanced up at my windshield as all safe drivers do every now and again. Well would you believe it, there’s a big ol fat grasshopper clinging to my window. “How cool, I have a passenger today” that’s the goofy thought which runs through my mind.  I know, I know that’s probably a bit childish, but believe me it gets better. So I get on the 37 feeder road and that little buggah is still hanging on. Well here goes the next thought in my simple mind, “I wonder how fast I can go before this guy gets blown off” 55nph, 60mph, 65mph….surely not 70mph, yup still there. I put the hammer down to 75 , same results, this guy is tough. Am I the only grown man who’s done this sort of bug/wind trial?

I don’t know about y’all, but God’s creation amazes me daily. And being a father and a youth minister I just had to glean a little lesson out of this.

How often do we let the winds of life separate us from our relationship with God?  Just a mild breeze and we’re blown off down the highway. Those little feet are like our prayer life, cause you better believe if grasshoppers can pray that one was throwing up some serious communication this morning.
Now here’s where I get really immature…… I hit the windshield wipers after about 7 minutes at 75, and y’all can laugh at me, but I guarantee you guys would’ve done the same thing.



10 thoughts on “Wisdom from a grasshopper

  1. Great analogy. Not sure about the windshield wipers though. I think when we are clinging to the Lord for dear life, he’s not going to swoop us away. Still, I loved the story. Keep on keepin’ on!

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