A Vietnam Veteran Speaks out against Abortion


7 thoughts on “A Vietnam Veteran Speaks out against Abortion

      • AFVet says:

        I will as the spirit moves me.
        Thanks for spreading the word.
        This is a critical time for America and if we do not take a stand now, we could lose Her and everything that She stands for for years to come.
        The Tea Party is the tool to awaken the ‘sleeping giant’.
        The severe lack of accountability within this government is deplorable and the intelligent Patriotic Americans know that but are being dismissed as radicals for trying to restore this Nation back to the ‘Shining City on the Hill’.

        When we have a senator like John McCain publicly stating that Ted Cruz is a danger to America,…we have a big problem.
        Common sense will prevail, I just hope it kicks in in time to save our Country from the tyranny that is encroaching to the point that it can’t be stopped without another revolution.

    • I understand that….I’ve really backed off twitter the last couple of weeks. I’m really enjoying the blogosphere a lot. I’ve met some very real patriots here. Yourself included. God bless my friend.

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