Well here I go….doin something phenomenally stupid again. You’d think after 34 years of existence I’d have learned by now what is a wise decision and what is a really bad idea. Well, enough about me…..let’s get on with my story.


I have been recently doing some after hours working trying to raise some money for a very worthy cause (when all is said and done I’ll do a blog on what’s goin on) and tonight I was cutting a piece of property fer a gentleman. As I was cutting down the drive I noticed a snake in the grass. I immediately dismounted the JD and chased him through the grass. Now I ain’t a zoologist I jest know that snakes fascinate me. Which is kinda dangerous cause I don’t know which ones are safe and which ones are dangerous. Anyhow, I chased him through the grass, all 4′ of him, stepped on his tail (another bright idea), then tried to grab him by the head (see I know a little something about snakes). OK, I gotta take a break here and let you know, there is a point to this tale. Those of you who are familiar with my wandering thoughts know that eventually one of three things are gonna happen before I’m finished. 1. I’m gonna talk about God 2. I’m gonna talk about politics, or 3. I’m gonna do a combination of 1&2. So hang tough, eventually I’ll get to tha point…LOL. My foot is now on the tail of an out of control snake and I’m tryin to grab his head with one hand and hold a camera with the other….OF COURSE I’M FILMING IT…I finally grab him by the tail and throw him out into the cut lawn where I can get a better look at him. There he lay, coiled on the ground and I go over to “play with him” some more. He strikes at me a few times then after a couple of minutes I let him get off into the field. Now I’m pretty pleased with myself until a thought crosses my mind, “I wonder what kind of snake that was?”. Now, a normal  person would ask that question before he plays with a snake don’t you think? After a little research, I discovered it was a rat snake and is non-venomous.

And now that I’m thinking about this, it seems I have a history of playing with dangerous snakes. Just ask my mom, I recall a time as a child when I had captured a snake in a sand bucket and was toyin with it, showed it to my mom (full of pride and accomplishment I’m sure) she called C.E. (yup I’m an AF brat) and they came, told my mom it was poisonous, and took it away.

But back to my question, who plays with snakes without knowing what type of reptile they are? I’ll tell you who, A VERY FOOLISH ONE. I John 4:1-3 KJV says “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God. 3. And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of anti-Christ, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” Why in tha heck would we attend a church or listen to a TV preacher without properly vetting them first? When we go to church do we try the preaching to see if it is truly of God? Or do we just assume because they carry the title of PASTOR they are automatically “men of God”. Folks, in these current times of false teaching and wolves preying on the church we must be careful (full of care) when selecting who is ministering to our families. Do not assume that the man behind the pulpit has your spiritual growth in mind. I am blessed in that I was able to find a church who has a true shepherd leading the flock. My pastor truly is a man of God, he speaks the truth of God’s word every day.

Now the same truth applies to our politicians, why in the name of freedom would you ever vote for a candidate without knowing what that person truly stands for? Why would you assume just cause that person is backed by the TeaParty that he/she is truly a Constitutional Conservative (see Marco Rubio the amnesty king). There is a group on Facebook and Twitter who are doing what we all should be doing, and that is VETTING OUR CANDIDATES. They are the Constitutional Freedom Party @CFP4US (check them out). There is another great organization, you can find them at, which I recommend you √ out. If we ever expect to take this country back we have got to get the right folks in office, Ted Cruz is great but he can’t do it alone.

There you see……I was able to tie a spiritual and a political twist to my foolishness  😀



5 thoughts on “PLAYING WITH SNAKES!!!

  1. Living in the south, I durned well had to learn fast what snakes are what! You’re lucky it was a rat snake!! I tried to save a chicken snake once when it got caught in some gardening net we had one year. Bugger tried to bite me. That’s the last time I played with reptiles.
    I’ve had to “church shop” quite a few times until I knew I was at the right one, where the preaching was completely from the Lord’s Word. I used to think I was too picky, but some things you just have to be discerning and “nit pick” and where I ended up, with our 93 year old Marine pastor, I know I’m at the right church family!
    Excellent point too about vetting politicians. We can’t afford to mess up anymore. As hard as we at CFP are vetting, there are bound to still be disappointments, but hopefully we’ll be able to sift the wheat from the chaff.
    Thank you Paul!!

  2. “Courtesy killed the cat”, an old saying that came to mind reading your snake tale :).
    I like snakes (not rattlers) but don’t mess with them cause the big ones do bite and it hurts, had a gofer snake chomp into my hand once and gained a new found respect for their sharp teeth, lots of them …..Ouch.

    Your thoughts on figuring out who to follow or support are true and needed today more than ever. Politics is so messed up now days it’s hard to trust anyone, yet some shining stars are still there like Cruz and Lee in DC. Rubio showed his colors long before he was elected Sen., but no one looked and the media didn’t tell. You and I and a few others look hard at people, but most voters just don’t and never will, too bad.

    This nut job mayor in Jackson, Mississippi is altogether another problem, he got elected and the voters did not have too look hard to see who he is. Also the radical revolutionary running for mayor of NYC is very open as to who he is and it looks like he may get elected, bottom line is the people of America have their head screwed on wrong also.

    Good story Paul !!!!!

    • Thanks, sorry I missed your comment fer some reason. And you’re correct, I don’t know how any American in their right mind could elect some one like that blathering idiot in Mississippi. The lack of conviction and moral decay is at times disheartening. But, on the other hand, meeting fine folks such as yourself gives me hope fer a brighter future.

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