Prayer Request for Justin

Reblogged and praying. I have a son and I know how difficult this would be as a parent.

Armor of God

We know that God will answer prayer, Justin is in desperate need of prayers. His doctors have been unable to diagnose his condition and have been treating him with steroids for the symptoms. His family is terribly concerned because the treatments are having little to no effect and are therefore taking him somewhere that it is more likely that they will be able to come up with a diagnosis. He has suffered for quite awhile now and his family are concerned that it is some type of cancer. They need emotional strength but more they need a healing. God is our creator, He knows every bit of our innermost being. He is the Great Physician. He can heal, but He can also use Doctors to do His work. Sometimes He lets us go on the journey in order to accomplish a goal He has for us. Please join me in…

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