Jacob and Esau; trading our freedoms

I reckon I should start this by stating that I am neither a child therapist nor a psychiatrist so by liberal standards I’m most likely unqualified to speak on this subject. But what I am is a parent so by conservative standards I suppose it’ll be alright.
Children are born liars, that’s not an opinion it’s a fact. A baby cries and we pick it up, correct? It’s not hungry or hurting, it just demands attention. We know this because once we’ve cradled the little one the crying stops. So at a very young age the art of manipulation can be instilled, if we allow it. Now you bleeding hearts don’t form a negative opinion of me fer saying this because I love my son and indeed when he was cryin’ I certainly picked him and held him. After all, I’m a parent and would be a cold hearted one if I didn’t.  (WOW, WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? DOESN’T EVEN HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH MY ORIGINAL THOUGHT?)
Children are by nature naive and trusting. They have no opinion of the value of money, nor do they comprehend free trade. Matter of fact….this is fun, you can try it. If you give a child a $100 bill

let them play with it a while then offer them a bright shiny new quarter,

they will most likely  trade you that worthless piece of paper (at least to their young mind) for something much more glamorous. You see the child doesn’t understand the true value of that piece of paper, all they see and recognize is the beauty of the quarter.
As I write this I think of Jacob and Esau. Esau being the eldest was to be the recipient of Isaac’s birthright. But Jacob was cunning and tricked his brother into giving up the birthright fer a bowl of lentils.

WHAT WAS HE THINKING,  A BOWL OF BEANS, SERIOUSLY??? Esau’s response was…..what good is the birthright to me if I die of hunger. That bowl of lentils was like the shiny quarter, it’s worth was menial at best and short lived. In a few hours Esau would be hungry again and what would he trade fer the next bowl of beans? More importantly what could he offer to be restored his birthright? After all, he had already given up the most valuable of possessions.

Liberals are the modern day Esau’s, happily trading my freedoms and rights fer an already proven failure. Liberals are petulant like the child and can’t see past the shiny splendor of the quarter. Liberals live only fer the moment and the next great idea even if it’s a proven train wreck.
The Bill Of Rights and Constitution are, yup you guessed it, the $100 (only their value is exponentially greater). Neither can be replaced, and I fear once bartered will be forever lost much like Esau’s birthright.


11 thoughts on “Jacob and Esau; trading our freedoms

      • No, really, I love Biblical exegesis, and I work, save and invest so I don’t think there’s been any quarter offered to me. If you are talking about the ACA, I think that’s a step in the right direction. We ARE our brother’s keeper. Single-payer would be better, but I’ll accept baby steps in the right direction. And you’re welcome.

      • I reckon the quarter represents all the liberal claptrap (including ACA ) that BHO and his band of phonies are trying to sell us. And much like Esau, Americans are willing to trade away freedoms and rights for inconsequential things which will eventually bankrupt this great nation both monetarily and morally. Read the ACA, if you have a year to pour through it, and see if it actually will benefit you in the long run. There is no such thing as “free healthcare”. Having traveled and lived in several socialist countries I can tell you first hand that socialized medicine absolutely does not work.

  1. I work in an Urgent Care as an imaging tech, and worked previously in hospitals. I did read the ACA in total. We were all supposed to as part of our work. It’s flawed, but still better than the tyranny of clerks who work for insurers determining medical necessity.

    • You are one of the few folks I’ve run into in the medical field who agree with any portion of the ACA much less the whole thing. And I must congratulate you fer actually reading it, unlike the bimbos (including foremost Pelosi) who signed it into law. Pelosi herself said, if you wanna find out what’s in it approve it and we’ll find out.

  2. loopyloo305 says:

    Great post Lib! Perfect analogy, trading the good and priceless for something pretty of little value. That is what has been done and is being done. I wonder that anybody can look at the petty vileness that is ruling the country now and really think that it was worth it, but then they must have different values and eyes than me! God bless you!

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