Liberalism Must Be Defeated (Part 2)


Currently in the US the most significant threat to our Freedom comes from inside our borders.  The enemy is called Liberalism and I laid out my justification for calling it our #1 enemy in a previous post.

Since this enemy is unconventional and so different from our previous Public Enemy #1’s, this makes it difficult to get organized and win this war because we are handcuffed with preconceived notions on how to fight enemies.  We can’t send in a Seal team, park an aircraft carrier off the coast or invade Liberalism.  I must admit that I’ve been at a loss how we Americans who have not fallen under the hive mind thinking of the Left can defeat this enemy especially when Leftists basically control the airwaves and feed their flocks and new converts every evening on the national news shows.

While reading Flying High I found a section of…

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