I heard tell today a beautiful story. A story of love and a story of betrayal. A story with a message so powerful I felt obliged to pass it on. In a time when we are focused on politics and government I reckon its a good thing to hear a story such as this to bring our attention back on the reality of what is most important in our lives.
The time of this story is, well let’s just say, a long time ago. Before social media and emails, before cell phones and lap tops. Once upon a time folks relied on somethin called snail mail fer long distance communication. Ahhhh, letters….a long lost art. And the characters in this story you ask? A young lady, a mailman and a young farmer….oh you’ve heard this story ya say? Well I hadn’t so let’s not spoil the ending shall we. It seems that both the young suitors were madly in love with the young lady and were both courting her….courting, what tha heck is that? Yup, courting, another long lost art form. Before “dating” young gentlemen would court their prospective wives under the supervision of the parents……hmmmmm there was very little teen pregnancy in these days, but that’s a different story fer a different day. Anyhow, it seems the young farmer fell upon terrible times and had to move to the city to make ends meet…and, the story goes, he did very well in the city. As the days drew into weeks and the weeks to months the young man wrote letter after letter to the young woman expressing his unending love fer her and his passionate desire to make her his wife. This went on fer an entire year without a single reply from the lady. Finally in despair and grief the former farmer, now big city boy cut his losses with a broken heart. He never wrote another letter and just assumed that she was gone forever. Many years later the ladies daughter was overheard tellin the story of the two young suitors….”What ever happened to the farmer boy?” asked the recipient. The daughter replied, “We have no idea, he left town and was never heard from again”.

Looking back we know the reality and truth….the 2nd suitor was a mailman and those love letters never made it to her hands and heart. Now is this story real? Is it folklore or urban legend? I don’t reckon we’ll ever know. I know its more than possible that this happened, probably on more than one occasion and under multiple circumstances. But herein lies the real question……HOW MANY OF GOD’S LOVE LETTERS TO US ARE ROBBED AND DENIED US BY MATERIAL THINGS AND INCONSEQUENTIAL DO-DADS? WE CAN’T ALLOW THE CARES OF THIS WORLD TO SEPARATE US FROM GOD AND STRIP AWAY THE ETERNAL BLESSINGS FROM OUR HEAVENLY FATHER..

credits to @Apache_rider fer sharing this story with me….I’m sure I butchered it entirely, but the message remains true.


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