Fields of Faith…FCA

Haven’t written anything in a while just cause the amount of incompetence right now in DC is overwhelming and daunting. Trying to pinpoint and write about a single act of terror against America by the current dictator is an impossible task. I’ve decided to leave that to my more educated friends.  So instead I’ll write about something uplifting and inspiring. It seems my country is not entirely doomed .
A week ago I took my youth group to an event called fields of faith. In case y’all aren’t familiar with FCA (Fellowship Of Christian Athletes)  this is a nationwide group of highschool students who meet once a week and discuss how they can better serve God to their fullest potential.


Fields of faith was a get together of all the local groups and was held at Texas A&M Kingsville Javelina Stadium. I was blown away when the president of the college and the sports director stood and unashamed gave glory to God. With all you hear on liberal media you would think this would be frowned upon….hahaha I reckon Texas is still fairly red after all. I felt hope and reassurance rise as I realized there are still conservatives in positions of authority who are willing to make a stand. Now perhaps in years to come this opportunity fer us to use a public venue such as a college campus to worship God may disappear, but fer now we need to support these institutions as they strive to raise the bar fer the next generation of Americans.


I hope this little mini blog gives you the hope that I was given. I’ll tell you what, there was probably around 500 kids there at the stadium and I was absolutely astounded at their worship. Wow, there are kids out there who are willing to be different, they’re willing stand outside the “status quo”. We need to pray every day fer this generation. They’re gonna be taking care of us one day and how we raise them will determine the outcome.


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