Typical: Sebelius still has HER job, but #Obamacare operator who spoke to Hannity gets fired!

Two Heads are Better Than One

Let me get this straight: if you head the agency in charge of the implementation of Obamacare, and then mess it up so badly that your fellow Democrats are comparing it to the Titanic, YOU get to keep your job.

hannity 3333But if you’re just a phone operator at the Obamacare call center, and you happen to receive a phone call from Sean Hannity, and you answer his questions HONESTLY, …you get fired.

Yeah, …that makes sense to me.

(**There is no picture with this: only audio)

Nice job by Hannity with stepping up to help her after she gets fired, too. It’s good PR for him, obviously, but should be another black eye for the Administration, which comes off looking like a mean-spirited bully.

Exit questions: Any guesses as to if “speaking to conservative radio personality on air” was covered in her

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