There is hope amongst our youth. A report on Benghazi

Just when we feel that all is lost I get a report emailed to me which was written by a senior at Bishop High School. Due to CScope and Common Core we feel like our children are all brainwashed, and we wouldn’t be to far off that mark. But hey, there is the hope that many of our youth are being raised by good conservative folks and they are the real future of this nation.

I am going to just attach the file here fer y’all read, but I’m going to delete the last name fer privacy reasons. Enjoy folks.





Attack on Benghazi

            On September 11, 2012, a group of muslim extremist set attack on our American Diplomatic Compound located in Benghazi, Libya.  This attack was one of four such attacks that occurred over the course of the week in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, and Libya. The differences that lie between these attacks is that four Americans, including a U.S. ambassador, were murdered at Benghazi.

            United States ambassador Christopher Stevens returns to his room at the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi at around 9 p.m., after escorting a Turkish diplomat outside to the main entrance. Everything is calm at this time, until one hour later that is. According to the Associate Press approximately 150 “bearded gunmen” surrounded the building, showering it in a bombardment of automatic weapons fire and employing the use of rocket-propelled grenades. Phone calls crying out for security reinforcements are made to officials in D.C., the embassy in Tripoli, the Libyan authorities and a U.S. quick reaction force about a mile away. The attackers breach the compound, however, before any help arrives; that is if help was ever to arrive. The attackers set fire to the consulate where Ambassador Stevens, alongside Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, die of smoke inhalation.

            Ultimately, a six-person reaction team arrives on the scene with about 60 Libyan security officers. They attempt to secure a perimeter, but can’t and decide to evacuate the consulate. As they evacuate, the group sustains heavy machine gun fire and grenades are being launched at their vehicles. Finally, the team arrives at the other compound. A team of security officials from the embassy in Tripoli also meets them there. At around 4 a.m., the compound the consulate staff has retreated to goes under attack. The building is hit by field gun fire and two former U.S. Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, are killed. At this point, the decision is made to evacuate the city entirely.

            The following day, the United States, the president (who was “asleep” during all the commotion) came out and gace a speech saying “And make no mistake, we will work with the Libyan government to bring to justice the killers who attacked our people.” On the fourteenth of September the bodies of the four Americans who were murdered in this attack are returned to the U.S. The government tries in every way to cover up what was happening at Benghazi. The blame is placed on an “anti-muslim” video. This video had predominately no views upon the release of this statement; it wasn’t even a video worth talking about. But the government is always right, and what they say must always be true correct?

            Wrong. The truth behind the attack at Benghazi is this, gun trafficking. The United States has agreement with Saudi Arabia, therefore Saudi Arabia’s enemies are our own, and their allies, likewise. Al Qaeda was a branch of the muslim brotherhood that broke away, thaey wanted to see Saudi Arabia perish, while the muslim brotherhood remained friends with Saudi Arabia. Though it is believed American’s disapprove of all terrorist; that’s not the case. America, or at least our leaders in power, only disapprove of Al Qaeda, to where as the muslim brotherhood is fine because their friends with Saudi Arabia. Our CIA safehouse in Libya was considered a safe house because we were sending guns out of there on boat to Turkey where they were then shipped to Syria, the brotherhoods ally. So the attack on Benghazi is almost like gang warfare, the attackers were from Al Qaeda. Since the U.S. was helping supply the Muslim Brotherhood with guns Al Qaeda saw no choice but to take out their supply.

            Before all these attacks began leaderss had to be placed in order for these “gangs” or parties of the middle east to have such control. This is where the Arab Spring began. The Arab Spring is where the American government has gone and sent troops into countries in the middle east to help the brotherhood over throw their leaders. It began in Egypt with Mubarak and has moved it’s way into Libya, where they took out their 40 year leader, Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi had given the U.S slight troubles in the past but in the last 15 years he has been a peaceful, unspoken ally of the U.S.

            So while these attacks are going on, attacks that were single handedly caused by our own government, who’s taking the blame? Why won’t any of our leaders stand up for their actions? Where is the justice for those men who died? Why is it that our president and secretary of defenses ignored the calls for help coming from our Libyan embassy? The answers to all these questions are simple; we have a president in power whose goal is to destroy this country. He wishes to completely pull us away from everything we were built on and to turn us into a socialistic dump. I’m not saying Barak Obama is not smart, because he is a pure genius. He knows exactly what he is doing, and if we don’t stand up soon this tyrant is going to destroy us all. Remember Benghazi.


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6 thoughts on “There is hope amongst our youth. A report on Benghazi

  1. Ultimately truth will prevail and freedom will survive in America because nature will deliver us through necessary storms and tragedies giving us resiliency, resourcefulness and faith in God as it always has, [no by mercy of evil men] Amen.

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