“The Once Good Sailor” a story of God’s unfailing love and mercy.

I’m gonna tell y’all a story. A story of God’s amazing grace and mercy. Ya see there was once a sailor…he was I reckon an ordinary sailor, ordinary but good. He loved his job and performed it above reproach. But it so happens that this sailor kinda lost his way and began abusing alcohol and yup you guessed it, drug usage. Somehow he managed to scrape by with an honorable discharge but from there his life took onΒ a pretty rough course. No fair winds and following seas for this sailor. Nope, he went straight into a life of cocaine usage which led ultimately to an addiction to meth (or what y’all might know as ICE). Let me lay it on you straight…this stuff will wreck the strongest person, it is highly addictive and almost impossible to live without once your hooked. After a couple of near death experiences due to overdose this once good sailor decided that no longer would meth control him but he would “control the meth”. Yea, that’s a really smart idea right? Well, whoever heard of a smart addict? I keep referring to this individual as a “once good sailor”, am I making excuses for him? Like perhaps his time served in military service had something to do with his constant drug usage? I most certainly AM NOT!!! Consequences and repercussions, we are all responsible fer the choices we make and if we are to move on we cannot place the blame on anyone but ourselves. AND THAT’S THE TRUTH. The education systems would have our children believe that we are the victims of our surroundings, well this is an all out lie perpetrated by Satan himself. After being arrested and spending some time in county to dry out this once good sailor gets out with every intention on walking the right path…..yea, that lasted all of about 6 hours before he was up to his old ways. Perhaps a change of scenery would suffice? He moves and his addiction moves with him. Keep in mind that this once good sailor was saved and a child of God. That’s important to know cause you’re about to hear, as Paul Harvey used to say, “the rest of the story”

This once good sailor was called to preach at the age of ten, but at the age of 17 decided to rebel and much like the prophet Jonah he hopped on a ship and got as far away from his calling as he could. This once good sailor defamed the precious name of his Lord and Savior time and time again. And each time it got a little easier as he quenched the voice of the Holy Spirit. Well, this once good sailor made his way to Texas after travelling the world over it seems that God finally got through to him. And boy did He ever. It came down to a conversation between said sailor and God. It went something like this, “Paul, if you don’t stop living the way that you are living I’m going to take you out of this world.” You wanna get somebody’s attention? It’s easy, just tell them they’re about to die….yup, that’ll do tha trick. And fer all you folks who think that it’s impossible to break the chains of addiction let me tell you about a once good sailor who sobered up in 5 minutes flat. No withdrawals, no shaking and cravings….just flat out quit COLD TURKEY.

Well I reckon by this time you’ve already figured out that I’m that once good sailor and if you’ve read my blogs you know that I am not the man I used to be. God has given me so many chances and I wish to do all I can to never let Him down again. Since my arrival in Texas almost 12 years ago God has blessed me with a wife and son, a ministry at my local church, a full time job and a worldwide family of Christian brothers and sisters. Sometimes Satan throws my past in my face and tells me I ain’t good enough to serve God because of my past…..to that I reply “what past?” Because of my past I am able to minister to the youth of my church, I know what the world offers and I also know the consequences of such actions. All I know is that I serve a powerful, no… the All Powerful, God and He is able to change and transform anyone.



16 thoughts on ““The Once Good Sailor” a story of God’s unfailing love and mercy.

  1. Well, it seems that this came at a time when this duckie needed to be reminded of that. I imagine there will be plenty of others who need to hear this as well.
    Yours is a wonderful testimony Libslayer, and you live it. God Bless you sweet brother, and thank you for sharing it.
    The reminder that God forgives AND FORGETS is one that is sometimes needed every day. πŸ™‚ Thank you.

    • πŸ™‚ I don’t tell my story very often. And even here I haven’t gone into great depth or detail. I felt led to share this and was approved also by my wife before I posted. Thanks for reading Duckie and God bless.

      • It’s not always necessary to “air all our laundry” but the basics can certainly help others who might find themselves in similar circumstances. God does use us to help and comfort others who go through the same things we have gone through. 2 Corinthians 1:3-5

      • Amen. And well spoken. I don’t “air the laundry” especially at church for fear that one of the youth may take my story as an excuse to “sow their wild oats”

        My pastor and a few others know the depths of my past, and I usually share with new parents as their children enter our youth group. But NEVER NEVER NEVER have I shared with the youth group. πŸ™‚

  2. AMEN! What a beautiful testimony of God’s grace and mercy. Leaves me weeping…. joyful weeping. Thank you for sharing. God bless you, my friend and brother.

  3. Ronni Kucharski says:

    What a beautiful and encouraging testimony Paul. May God bless you for sharing it and richly bless all of your work for and in Him.

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