Hope Is Not A Strategy


I have not seen this officially communicated anywhere but it appears to me the GOP heads of state have devised the following strategy for 2014 – Let’s move to the middle and make small compromises with the Left on all issues so we can avoid being labeled obstructionists and then we can focus on Obamacare in hopes of taking back the Senate and increasing our control of the House.

There is really no other conclusion to draw based on the fact that:

1)      The House passed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 that sets our discretionary spending at $1 trillion and rolls back $62 billion of the sequester spending cuts over the next 2 years and

2)      House Speaker John Boehner publically lambasted the Tea Party members of the House.

No doubt the failures of Obamacarewill increase in 2014 but here is my question.  Is it wise for the…

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