Christmas is Not a Holiday! It’s a Major Event that Brought Salvation into the World!

Study - Grow - Know

by Fred DeRuvo

Today we continually hear the ramblings of the left who want to essentially eliminate Christmas from the public sector. They even want to remove the word “Christmas” from the English language. Instead, they want this time of year simply referred to as a “holiday” or preferably, they want to pump up Kwanza to replace Christmas.

For those who don’t know, Kwanza was essentially invented by “Ron Karenga (aka Dr. Maulana Ron Karenga)…in 1966, branding it a black alternative to Christmas. The idea was to celebrate the end of what he considered the Christmas-season exploitation of African Americans.”

The problem with Kwanza is manifold, but most couldn’t care less because it serves a purpose. That purpose is to eradicate Christmas itself. “There is no part of Kwanzaa that is not fraudulent. Begin with the name. The celebration comes from the Swahili term ‘matunda yakwanza,’ or ‘first fruit,’ and…

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