Mine all mine, by the grace of God

Some ten years ago I met a woman….and not just any woman, a muey caliente Hispanic woman. We like to say we met in Venice because we were both on art history class together and my knowledge of Italian art (from having travelled there extensively) gave me opportunity to personally ‘tutor’ her. Little did I know that this woman I was lusting (Yup I said that, she’ll likely smack me later) over was the reason God had brought me to Texas. Our relationship progressed to the point where we were seeing each other regularly and beginning to fall in love. Then she dropped the bombshell…”I have a son” she says. Well, honestly this wasn’t exactly what I had signed up for but was interested to meet the little guy. He was 5 months old at the time and really nothing more than a big ol head rolling around on the floor. I very quickly realized that I loved this little tyke just as much as I loved his mother. After only about a year of dating (in that time my wife to be was saved) we decided it was time to get married. And so we did, matter of fact….my wife was baptized, we were married, and joined our local church all in the same day. As weeks turned into months I realized that I wanted to adopt my step son since his donor dad wanted nothing to do with him. We reached out to him on multiple occasions with no results. I was beyond frustration, how could someone just abandon such a beautiful little boy? I contacted Focus on The Family legal counsel dept and explained my situation and was advised not to proceed with adoption because the donor was paying child support and in the eyes of the law was a responsible father even though he NEVER saw his son. Now I was really frustrated. It seemed my hands were tied. And, God forbid, if something ever happened to my wife I was in fer the battle of a lifetime to try to gain custody of my step son. After my son turned 8 he began asking questions like “why don’t I have the same name as you dad?” Those questions would break my heart, I wanted nothing more but didn’t have a chance in court without the donor giving up parental rights. Then one day my son says “well dad, why don’t you just change my name without adopting me?” ( Out of the mouths of babes eh) So I sought legal counsel with the Fugate Law Firm. Oh man, this was totally legal to do and didn’t require anything from the donor. A bit expensive but totally doable. So began the paperwork. And in the course of lawyer stuff our lawyer decided to sue for more child support and to change the custody arrangements since donor had no desire to exercise his given rights and responsibilities. Holy smokes this stirred the hornets nest and put a complete halt on the name change. Donor was angry to say the least.

Well, out of the blue one day donor called me at work and we had a heart to heart. “Paul”, he says, “I have decided to give up parental rights and allow you to adopt my son” I WAS SCREAMING AND HOLLARING WHEN I HUNG UP THE PHONE. The welder I was with thought I was insane and off my rocker. A few months later everything was finalized and we were able to change the proceedings from a legal name change to a full blown adoption. And yesterday, by the grace of God, that lovely judge says to me. “Paul Karratti, you are now the legal father of Bryan Karratti”. My heart stopped and my chest tightened, I felt the tears well up in my eyes as the words I had been waiting to hear for almost ten years became a reality. HE’S MINE…..I WANTED TO SCREAM TO THE WORLD….HAHAHAHA GOD WON AND I’M REWARDED AS A FATHER!!

many thanks to all who have prayed, many thanks to Nathan Fugate for his hours of hard work. And all praise and glory to my Heavenly Father. And last but not least…..many thanks to my lovely hot wife for trusting me with her most precious possession….her son.


16 thoughts on “Mine all mine, by the grace of God

  1. Ronni Kucharski says:

    Paul what a beautiful testimony to a father’s love; God’s and yours. I am so happy for you and your family and may the Lord continue to richly bless all of you.

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