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Folks who have read/followed my blogs for any length of time know a few things about me. #1 I don’t write research blogs.  #2 I don’t have cable television in my home. That being said just because I don’t watch TV doesn’t mean my head is buried in the sand. Well what I’m about to write about will likely cause me a bit of backlash and quite frankly I don’t care. Matter of fact if I cared I reckon I wouldn’t be writing at all. But a friend of mine asked me to so here goes.  As of late 2 names in particular have been blowing up talk radio and social media. These names are heralded as national hero’s and exceptional people. First name is Jason Collins and the second is Michael Sam. Let me first tackle Jason.

“After talking for the last week about linking up, the Brooklyn Nets and Jason Collins have agreed on a 10-Day contract, which will make the center the first openly gay athlete to play for a major professional sports team in the United States. The move will likely lead to a contract for the rest of the current season, and makes Collins a hero for civil rights in the way that Jackie Robinson and Rosa Parks once were.” 

I thought hero’s were folks who have done extraordinary feats of courage and strength. I never knew telling folks that I am heterosexual and the husband of one wife would possibly make me a hero….Oh, you see my sarcasm.

There are currently in the U.S. approximately 311.5 million folks in America with approximately 9 million of those who claim to be gay. Near as I can tell that’s a very small percentage of the current population. So why the push to further their agenda? Why are folks who openly admit that they’re gay listed in the media as hero’s?

Then there’s Michael Sam…an “unlikely LGBT hero”

Now I can bring up another name that most of y’all have heard…Tim Tebow. This guys openly admits he’s a Christian and is criticized for it. Matter of fact the same media outlets that laud Collins and Sam openly criticized Tebow for his displays of Christianity. Huffington post encourages us to “stay in the closet”

Meanwhile in Uganda they have decided to make the gay lifestyles illegal and have received criticism from our dear pResident.

“We shall not care losing the financial support from our partners if only we are left alone,” Minister for Ethics and Integrity Simon Lokodo told reporters, saying Ugandans would rather “die poor than live in an immoral nation.” <== Now that in my opinion is courage. As a country Uganda has decided that despite what others say they are going to take the moral high ground. They would rather die poor than compromise.

So what really makes one courageous? Does openly communicating to others your lack of morals make you a hero? Well, it seems to the leftist media that's exactly what you are, COURAGEOUS. And if you're a Christian and stand for God's way then it's highly recommended that you just shut up and take it because you my friend…..ARE THE MINORITY!!



6 thoughts on “Courageous?

  1. I have a couple of things to add, if I may. One of those guys just made a statement to the media something along the lines of “I want to only be seen as a football player” … Oh YEAH? Well, if he ONLY wanted to be seen as a player, than WHY did he cause a big hoopla with him announcing he way homosexual? Stupidity. Oh and the whole “look at me, look at me, I’m coming out of the closet” thing is just SO 80’s. Seriously, why is this still a thing? You hit it brother… these people making these choices are not courageous, they are just show boats.

  2. Excellent Libslayer , well said.

    I actually wrote about Jason Collins when he first came out and he got a call from dear leader to congratulate him. I included this quote,

    “Living by faith includes the call to something greater than cowardly self-preservation.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien

    I’d say Tim Tebow has proven himself worthy of courage. Collins and others have not.

  3. nice post slayer of libs! to scream intolerance is intolerant here according to the signs of the times. it is wrong to be a Christian according to major media outlets. Time to make better examples maybe.

    • Hey butcher. Long time no see brother. Thanks for passing through and yup you’re right. Intolerance is for the intolerable and to the left, equality is good for all who agree with them.

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