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My wife has been doing a study in the book of Hebrews lately with a group of ladies on Wednesday mornings and God has really been working in her heart. Well, last week the Lord laid a lesson on her heart to share with our youth group about the modern day Christian. But what really touched my heart as she spoke was this word “honesty”. You see, it seems that our churches are filled with what I refer to as, Sunday morning Christians. And as I pondered this predicament over the next few days God gave me a little something that I would like to share will y’all. So here goes…….my latest poem.




Gentle breeze blows calm, serene.

What lies beneath will soon detain.

Detain is say, what futures hold,

What lies beneath will soon unfold.

Unfold I say, the layers peel,

What lies beneath shall be revealed.

Revealed I say? What comes to light?

What lies beneath? IT’S ALL A LIE!!

You say your true, your faith so strong.

What lies beneath that surface calm?

The calm I say is just a farce.

What lies beneath that’s hidden, dark?

Dark I say, this poor lost soul.

What lies beneath will one day know.

Don’t say, “I’m God’s, my future sure.”

When what lies beneath is sin, impure.

Impure I say, yet not out of reach.

Let God’s love be….what lies beneath.


5 thoughts on “WHAT LIES BENEATH?

  1. I’m not a poetry guy, Slayer (my English background notwithstanding), but that’s good stuff:

    All of us are able to fool ourselves, now and then, but we can’t get complacent or cocky. None of us are worthy of the gift He gave, and only through faith and humility can we realize our Salvation.

    A great reminder, bud, and one which I know I certainly need to hear… 😉

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