LGBT radicals: “Free speech is only for gays”

Political Fireball

The story has hit the news twice now– first Brendan Eich said donating to a traditional marriage supporting organization was a mistake, then he was forced to resign as CEO of Mozilla Firefox because of the donation.

It is amazing that America has gone to such a low level that we are evaluated by how we make donations to organizations…six years ago!

The Left didn’t targeted Mr. Eich for a nasty public comment ridiculing a different lifestyle, a hate-filled remark about somebody that he disliked who was gay or anything along that line…

The LGBT mafia (dubbed by Bill Mahr) snooped into Eich’s donations that were made a half dozen years ago.  Shouldn’t donations be private?  Shouldn’t ones personal views be kept separate as long as they’re not unlawful or hurting someone?  Or is the exercise of free speech something that only liberals and Leftists and Marxist radicals are entitled…

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