DISCLAIMER: nothing in this blog represents my life. It’s just a week in the life of the average Joe.  As you get towards the end you’ll understand why I placed this disclaimer here.  



BEEP….BEEP….BEEP….SLAM!!!! Stupid alarm clock. Oh carp snooze button is a bit overworked and now I’m late fer work. Oh well, I can drive fast and get there fairly quick. “Ha-ha I broke about ten laws gettin here on time” I tell a co-worker. In reality though my day goes about like every other Monday. Frustrated because I was already late fer work plus catching up on the weekend calls. Uggggg I hate Mondays. As I walk into the house I unload on my wife and son. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not abusive or anything, but I’ve gotta vent somewhere. DON’T JUDGE ME MAN!!


Now this day is gonna be better. Woke up on time, cracked open my Bible fer some quick facetime with my Lord and Saviour. Dadgumit the dogs have to go out. OK, that’s done, back to the Bible. Arrrrrrg now my phones beeping….. oh well, I’ll read some more tomorrow. Ah yes, work is still here. Seems like each day is the same. Banging out orders on the computer, screening phone calls, talkin smack about my boss when his back is turned. Yup, quite a productive day. 1700 rolls around and you can bet your rear I’m out the door. Overtime is fer those ‘overachievers’. Now to go catch up on some long overdue TV time.


Hump Day… woohoo, weeks half over and I have a loooong weekend planned with my family. These thoughts consume me all day. Matter of fact, I really don’t get a whole lot done at work today. Pretty standard actually…. I mean come on, it’s HUMP DAY!! Time to send out those funny emails around the office and chuckle under my breath whenever the boss man’s not lookin. I have however managed to reserve that pavilion fer my sons birthday party on Saturday. Sure, I know I was “on the clock” but it was pre-break time when I made that phone call. Days over and I have grand plans of family time tonight. I reckon we’ll camp out around the TV again until I’m nodding off to sleep.


I love Thursday, it’s like Friday Eve. And it’s taco day at work. That should kill the clock until 1000 when break time starts.  Lunch rolls around and I’m about 15 minutes late getting back to my desk, but I’m smart and always make sure I’m with the boss when I walk in that-a-ways no one can say anything to me…not to my face anyway. “Did I forget to read my Bible again this morning?” Seems like it gets easier and easier to skip these days. But things are going fairly well in my life so I reckon I’ll catch up later. As I walk into the house I realize that the entire week has been spent at work or in front of the TV so logic would dictate that if I want no quarrels with the wife I had better plan some games tonight. I pull out what I believe is the ‘quickest’ game in the closet, battleship should do. I’ll endure about an hour of this so I can get to bed early.


Up early, in fact I finally saw the sun rise today and man it was a  beautiful sight. Actually spent some uninterrupted time reading. Whew, this is great, I should get up early more often.  Kiss the wife and kids goodbye and I’m off to the office. Wait a sec I feel like I’m forgetting something?  Oh yea, it’s my sons birthday and I haven’t gotten him a gift yet. Ever the procrastinator…never do today what I can put off till tomorrow has become my personal credo. Friday flies by, I laugh at some risque jokes, make an offhanded pass at the secretary and generally accomplish little if nothing at all…..again. It’s quitting time and I’m heading home for a long awaited weekend. I reckon I’ll stop at the corner store for a sixer to help me unwind. I mean after all it’s been a pretty stressful week and I deserve a few cold ones. Sweet,  I get home and my neighbor is outside Q’ing it up. By 2100 my sixer has turned into a twelve pack and I’m ready to rock and roll. This is what life’s all about. Midnight rolls around and I’m 3 sheets to the wind and if that wind blew strong enough it would likely knock me over.


1047………”WAKE UP!!!!!! we were supposed to be at the park by 1030 to set up for your sons birthday party!!!” Good grief why is my wife always yelling at me? Can’t a man stay out late once in a while? Oh double carp I still haven’t gotten his present. I hope he’ll understand I’ve had a rough week at work. I manage to make it through the party but I’m not much for entertainment. My head is pounding and I’m soooo sleepy. So much for a ‘fun’ weekend. I’ll just get home and nap and make a mental note that I owe my family big time.


The solitude of church. I love coming here it’s so peaceful. I shake the pastors hand and assure him that I’ve had a blessed week. Smile and greet my friends and fellow church goers. Pass a compliment to the pianist “your music is such a blessing sister”. Sermon time rolls around and I think I nod through about half the message, something about half hearted Christians and giving my all to the Lord. Wonder who’s gonna win the race today?  That 48 team is really lookin good but I think JR’s got a real shot this year. Invitation rolls around and you can call this one a wrap folks. Another Sunday in the bag. Toss the ball with my son till race time and after that it’s astalavista world.


Rinse and repeat…..


REALLY??  Is this what our lives are supposed to look like? Stealing time from our work places, allowing ourselves to be ‘worldly’, being hypocrites around our peer groups. If we’re gonna tell folks that we are Christians then we need to step up to the plate. Now I agree I may have over dramaticized this a bit but in reality do our lives deviate from this trend? If we call ourselves Christians are we truly sold out or do we just talk the walk. Are we in a rut…a wise man once said, “a rut ain’t nuthin but a grave with both sides kicked out”
If you’re reading this I close with this challenge. LET’S GET ON FIRE FOR GOD AND STOP PLAYING CHRISTIAN. If we plan on calling ourselves conservative then let’s look at the definition and apply it to our lives.

1. Favoring traditional views and values; tending to oppose change.
2. Traditional or restrained in style:
3. Moderate; cautious:




4 thoughts on “IS THIS YOUR LIFE?

  1. I’d say by looking at the shape our Country is in, the shape our Churches are in, and all that we’ve allowed to happen (you know- those pesky social issues that no one thinks are important because everyone knows it’s the economy stupid) I honestly don’t think this was over dramatized at all. I think you hit the bulls eye, nail on the head, and the ball out of the park.
    Well said. I know I fall into some of it too often myself in different ways- but they’re all the same destination, just different ways of getting to the same apathetic place.

    Well done brother. An excellent and much needed message.

    • Wow, compliments from an accomplished writer. I’m happy that the message wasn’t convoluted. some of this blog is personal other parts from watching others. But you’re right…. the destination is the same.

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