Sitting on the porch.


There was once a family. They bought a beautiful home in the countryside. The place was absolutely magnificent, a 2 story plantation home set in the middle of a huge piece of property. The drive in was postcard perfect with tree lined and white fenced winding road. The family thought to themselves, “This is it, we have finally made it”. One day the fathers dad came to visit and see the home his son had purchased. As he pulled into the gated property he was struck with the beauty of the place and as he drew close to the house he noticed the family gathered on the porch to welcome him. His son greeted him as he dismounted from his car. “Here dad, take a seat”, as he offered him a chair on the wrap around porch. They sat and visited, caught up on current events within the family. As time turned to hours the father finally asked to see the rest of the home. “What rest of the home?” exclaimed his son! “Well, I’d like to see the inside”, declared the father. “Are you telling me there’s more than this porch?”, the son asked.


You see, the family never went inside to enjoy all the pleasures of the home. They hadn’t cooked a single meal in the oversized kitchen, nor spent a solitary evening grouped around the stone set fireplace in the magnificent loving room. The family had been living on the porch and because the porch was so much nicer than the bridge they had lived under before, they thought this was it.

As Christians we do the same thing. We receive Christ as our Saviour and spend the rest of our Christian life sitting on the porch. We never experience the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I would encourage all who read this to get off the porch and into the presence of the Lord. Open that Bible up and study. Develop a relationship with your Lord and Master. Just because the Christian life is better than the filth and mire of the world doesn’t mean that’s all God has to offer. If you’ve never shared the Gospel and helped lead someone to the saving knowledge of Christ then you have missed a tremendous blessing. If you’ve never discipled a new believer then you haven’t experienced the joy of watching a spiritual baby grow. GET OFF THE STINKING PORCH!!!

Adapted from a sermon by G.B. Clemonts



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