Have you ever seen a starving malnutritioned soldier? It is a pitiful sight. Not only is the body weak but the spirit is broken. Not only is the spirit broken but the mind is fragile. How can one believe in the cause for which he fights when he is in this weakened and crushed state? At this point he has lost the will to fight.

Romans 7:15-25 talks about the strife between our two natures under the law. As I read verses such as vs 19

“For the good that i would i do not: but the evil which i would not, that I do:”

something became abundantly clear to me. I often feed the sin nature giving it the sustenance it ‘needs’ and then i wonder why I lose the battle of daily sanctification. My starving ‘New Man’ doesn’t stand a chance against a ravenous well fed sin nature.  So then the question remains, “how do I starve the flesh?”  It’s really so simple that we overlook it. By feeding the New Man we counter the effects of fleshly desires. Too often we focus on what we shouldn’t be doing and we lose focus on what we SHOULD BE DOING!! I Corinthians 12 gives a complete and comprehensive list of the spiritual gifts.

Have we discovered and begun using or applying ours? I ask my youth group on a regular basis this question, “what is your spiritual gift?”. Their answer mirrors that of the majority of modern day Christians…….a shrug of the shoulders and an ‘I dunno’. How can we be effective soldiers when we don’t even know what manner of soldiers we are supposed to be? Stop focusing on what we shouldn’t be doing and ask God………WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE ME TO DO!!!


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