The Champion

I haven’t written in a while so I figured this was due. Hope y’all enjoy


My mind is spinning, downward cyclone, sucking at my soul.

The sin and weakness, fear and dread. It seems to eat me whole.

All day this battle ebb and surge…i win, it wins, it never ends.

Where rides the champ? When comes the aid, to conquer and win?

Fear breeds hate, and hate brings fear. I hate my fear and fear my hate.

This cycle cursed and evil spun. Is fear my curse and demon fate?

I say nay…my champ is come, my aid is here. He never left the battle.

I’ve strained my eyes to see, my ears to hear amid the mindless clatter.

Here he rides with flaming sword and Word. My endless enemies to fall.

To have fought alone so foolish, so distressed. Jesus only wanted for my call.

How often wage the war, I battle hard, I grip my shield. Alone and done, I fall

While my Lord is watching silent, waiting. Still alone i foolishly refuse to call.

He’s conquered all, He’s waged the war. The battle’s done and won…that’s all.

Why do I fight again what’s fought? Put down the foolish pride, just call.

He took the keys to death and Hell. My enemy lies bloody, beaten, beat.

I live in victory today. It’s done, removed, my sins placed on the Mercy Seat.

HT for “no fear” graphic


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