A Pastor’s responsibility

As I was leaving our national convention today I spoke briefly on the phone with one of my church members, a 50 y/o man who has been integral in the life of my church and local association for many years. Through the course of the conversation he thanked me for keeping our church informed on the current state of affairs within the SBC. He concluded by stating that I am the first pastor who has kept our church apprised of the inner workings of our great convention. I hung up the phone encouraged but also disheartened by this information. How many churches share the same sentiment I wondered? How many pastors fail to keep up with our SBC leadership? How many pastors fail to hold SBC leadership accountable to the local body of believers?

It is a pastors responsibility to feed the flock. A former pastor and mentor told me that he didn’t like to be called the shepherd of the flock as Christ is the True Shepherd. Pastor Gary prefers the title of sheepdog. A sheepdog protects the flock and does everything the Shepherd tells him to do even at the expense of his life if necessary.

Pastors should never sacrifice the defense of the Gospel from the pulpit, pastors should never allow distractions from the Gospel from the pulpit. The pulpit is a sacred place reserved for the edification of the body of believers, for doctrine sufficient from the Holy Word of God, for correction and calls to repentance when needed, and for instruction in righteousness. The pulpit is a sacred place to preach repentance from sin and give the needed call to salvation for the lost. The church is not a hospital for sinners but an armory for the warriors of God.

Pastors, it is also our duty and obligation to keep our churches informed on the SBC to whom we entrust our resources. We are called to Biblical Stewardship and if we don’t know where our money is going or what it’s being spent on then God will not honor our giving. The days of blindly sending our CP giving are over, truth be told have been over for many years. Stay apprised of our entities, stay apprised of our seminaries, stay apprised of our leadership, and when necessary disseminate this information to your congregants. Stay engaged, encourage your church to send messengers to state and national conventions, and above all PREACH THE WORD…BE INSTANT, IN SEASON AND OUT OF SEASON.


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