Honoring our Veterans

it seems that of late this current generation has absolutely no respect for our veterans of foreign wars. Perhaps this is because our demented media has no respect for them and honors them little if at all. In this generation of pop culture and self gratification it seems that folks only care about what makes them feel good.

There is in my church a gentleman by the name of Richard Nordeen is a veteran of the 2nd World War and is in my opinion a man of honor and deserving of respect. I love going to his home and trading war stories (of course this really consists of me just sitting there and listening, something our youth need to learn how to do). Mr. Nordeen has seen the rise and fall of communism in several countries and is very vocal when speaking against who he calls Obammer. He is thoroughly disgusted at the present condition of our country and says, “I can’t believe I have lived to see the day when the enemy we once fought with honor now sits in our White House.” This comes from a man who has seen it all and we should pay attention to this voice of reason.

I’m leading a protest next year against the Kingsville ISD because they insist on having school day on Memorial Day. What kind of nonsense is this that we won’t even honor our veterans on a day set aside by past administrations? Is that one day so important to finishing the school year on time? And why is no one else speaking out against such nonsense? How far this country has digressed in the last 50 years. I am saddened and just a little disgusted.

How many of our freedoms and traditions will we allow the liberals to steal from us before we realize that we should have been just a bit more proactive in our communities?